Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All the snooze...

Boy howdy!

I am dog tired in the best way possible. My sister, her boyfriend, and I went for a massive hike today...for all of you marathon runners out there, the distance isn't impressive (7 miles), but when you are hiking and the elevation and terrain varies, 1 mile seems like 3 at least...maybe even 5...no, wait...like, 7!!! It was actually the perfect summer weather and the perfect temperature...and as Dan used to say, I have a 2 degree window where I'm neither too hot nor too cold, so that's saying something. It felt a bit like my homeland of Montana today, actually. I am becoming Nature Girl again...I mean, I was wearing jean shorts for crying in a bucket! And they were from the clearance rack at the Eddie Bower Outlet store. Do you follow the significance here? Is there any hope for me being a fashionista now that this dirt is out? Was there ever? The only thing I've got left in the fashion bragging rights department is the fact that after a lifetime of high waters or men's pants, most women these days have to have their jeans tailored while the length is just perfect for me, thank-you-very-much.

Speaking of high waters, did you see that men's final US Open tennis match last night? It was ok, I guess. I don't mean to brag, but in my youth I took lessons in the summer from a local USTA member at the tennis courts next to the fire station. I had an explosive serve...125 mph--look it up in the record books if you don't believe me. In fact, after 3 summers I was pretty much forced to quit the program since my skills so far exceeded even the head of the program that no one could return my, you know, explosive serve. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about lending my skills to those without, but at a certain point the scale tips too far in the other direction and you're really not doing anyone any favors...

What else, what else? Oh, as a "nightcap" I am planning on watching a rousing episode of "Real Estate Interventions". In the spirit of partial disclosure, I should make you all aware that I also read minds, so before you think that thought, yes, I have a life. It's time for bed and I need some background noise...sue me.

Wait, no...Suz me! And that's the creek-of-consciousness for today, Tuesday, the 15th of September in the Year of Our Suz 2009.

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