Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wooden Objects

*Warning: for those of you accustomed to my mostly sarcastic, humorous tone. This post will be serious.

Today, October 23rd, would have been my 5th wedding anniversary. Actually, it still is. And since I sometimes have a bit of trouble sleeping, I was looking up what the traditional gift is for 5 years of marriage. Apparently it's wood. Interesting. They have all sorts of suggestions on what a person should give his or her wife or husband, but my mind immediately went to one of Dan's favorite things...a globe. In this case, a wooden globe. I even know the exact store that carries it--Metsker Maps of Seattle.
I did not think I would want to write anything on this day, but it is here and it will pass and I will feel sad and that's ok. In all honesty, though, I will spend as much of the day distracting myself as possible.

I know that no one escapes life without tragedies, sadness, and heartbreak. I also know that not everyone is as lucky as I have been to have spent 11-plus years with a person like Dan. I have tried, and failed to describe him before. He is indescribable. He defies identification.

He stole my heart and keeps it still.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. And don't worry...the jokes will return. They are my lifelong coping mechanism and other love.

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Suz! I will spend the day celebrating how great love and great friends make the world a good place to live. Thanks for the reminder.

    Love and a big hug,