Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Susan...go to your room!

Readers (if you're still out there...if you haven't given up on me),

My mom only uttered this phrase in the "you're grounded" sense once. I was in high school and it only lasted about 15 minutes before I did something silly and was let out of my lair. It was before the days of full-on entertainment available in one's childhood room, but nevertheless a sort of "punishment".

Well, right now I am grounding myself! Not only from this inexcusable, unintended hiatus I just took (last entry was Dec. 19th...are you kidding me?), but a real one this time. I am taking an authentic hiatus from all things electronic as a little experiment to see if I can stand it and to see if I immediately decide that the Amish life is for me. Don't worry, I'll be back and as addicted as ever I'm sure. Just like my recent switch to decaf will also admittedly be short lived (**gasps from the crowd after "Pre-coffee Coffee" this chick a hypocrite or what?). Well, no, not a hypocrite, just someone who changes her mind a lot.

What is certain: when I return to the world of electronics around Jan. 20th, be ready! I will have more random stories than you can shake a didgeridoo at. And yes, I had to spell check that one. Perhaps I shall spend much of my time away from Facebook status updates reading the dictionary. Wait...I sort of already do that.

Happy New Year of 2010. My challenge for this post: come up with a slogan (preferable but not necessarily a rhyming one) for the year 2010.

For example:

Sven in O-ten!
Zen in twenty-ten

Like that, only good, please. You are all massively creative people.

Speaking of Facebook, in case you missed my big announcement, I am indeed moving to the City of Angels at the end of this month. That's LA for you's Los Angeles for the seasoned folk.

Hugs not drugs!

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