Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ain't No Party Like a Wii Fit Party

...'Cause a Wii Fit party eventually ends....and thank goodness since, like most everything else, a thing is fun until it's not. Go ahead, try this concept on for size. Think of any "fun" activity. Heck--it can even be "Phun" if you like. Like grandma used to say, "It's your world...". Actually, that's what I have been saying lately. But I am distressin' my digressin'.

I'll give you an example: Person A asks: "Could I really put Nutella on my cheese sandwich?", to which I reply: "Why not? It's your world". This response is at once encouraging and non-committal, which makes everyone feel at ease. But back to the Wii. My dad and his wife were in town and so as people often do when it's raining cats and frogs, we decided to play a game. Now I'm notoriously opposed to card games and most board games (it's a childhood demon...don't ask...alright, maybe I'll tell you later). But the Wii...well, the Wii is a bit more active and it actually brings people together in an amazingly interactive way. I, like, totally approve of it, ok? In small doses. It takes a minute to warm up to--especially if you are still searching for the 'A' button, but after that it's fun for the whole blended family. Miraculous Wii! An hour passes...maybe two. Still fine. Everyone is sharing remotes, people are increasing their character's skills. My Wii bangs are going strong. But all of a sudden, and without warning, the Wii Witching Hour rears its ugly head--a time when a person is totally off his or her game and ceases to care...

This is a critical moment and, once ignored or disregarded, can make or break Blended Family Phun Night. In this case, I think we missed the bull's eye moment by a little, which is why, much to my dismay, I played the "yawn-gee-I'm-so-sleepy-and-I'd-hate-to-contract-the-H1N1-virus-because-of-lack-of-sleep" card. It's a rare card to pull...much like the Joker in a full deck of cards. Not to mention that it's totally topical and will this become irrelevant at the next BFPhN. Not to worry. As long as you keep up with your Sudoku and reading the sound advice offered in All the Suz, another great excuse will emerge from your sharp mind.

So since I told you I might tell you later, I will tell you now that my reasons for disliking most games originate in almost always losing to my sister Karen, a.k.a. "Boss". Short of cheating (difficult to get away with in her presence), there was and is almost no way to beat my sister at a board or card game. She is the ultimate shark. My mom loves to tell the story of playing that old standby children's game, Memory, with Karen at the tender age of 3. Legitimately try as she might, my mom lost almost every time. There was no "wouldn't it be cute to let the kid win" going on. Boss is just that good.

Moral of the story: only play games with small children if you are guarenteed to win.

What is your Ghandi quote du jour? Why, it's the Ghandi quote of the day!
And here it is: "I got over my dislike for bread, forswore my compassion for the goats, and became a relisher of meat-dishes, if not of meat itself. This went on for about a year."

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