Saturday, November 21, 2009

Susan Myhr Fritz became a Fan of Free Stuff

Ok, so again it's been longer than excusable since the Suz has written, but trust me (or don't...I can't direct the trajectory your Life Coach wishes to take you), I have SO many topics written in my Crackberry right now...and there's potential in each and every one. Oh, yes! Your pupils will indeed dilate from the quantity of Suz to come. And your senses will continue to squirm with the liberties I take with punctuation!

But for now (as I am sleepy but made a publishing promise to myself), I am stuck on the Facebook theme. I can't seem to control my mind's tendency to think in Status Updates. In fact, I woke up at 4 in the AM last night and had a series of them, but who the heck wants to know about how I'm awake in the middle of the night or, in the case of the east coast, just pretty early E.S.T.? It's creepy, ok? I mean, I have a life, right? It's not like I spend my afternoons pulling Ivy from a wall...(*see Facebook reference, and hence, hypocrytic comment).

So here's my "free stuff" story du jour: after being awake for a few hours and then falling into a reasonable sleep, my alarm went off telling me that it was time to drive to the next town to take the Saturday morning Spin Class. Terrific! Even though it was pouring (surprise! It's a rain forest!), I knew I would feel better if I got up and went to the class. So I did. It was an hour and fifteen minutes, and there was a new instructor. She was German, and I liked her, but she did some different things (including stuff that involves weights and push-ups...which I still can't do to save my life), but the folks in class were not having any of it, and that made me laugh. As a (somewhat) former yoga instructor, I know how tough it can be to deal with a new crowd, so I am actually the person you want in your class if YOU are new. I will laugh at your nervous jokes; I will go with your new exercises; I will generally try to make you feel like you're not an idiot. Not so with the old timers, and that fascinates me.

But the point is...there are always free samples at this small local gym. Most of the time they are Advil or Alieve, and there are often apples and bananas for the taking...but today there were samples of Yogi Digestive Health Granola!!! And, so, as a person addicted to free samples, I took me some 2 of them and marched back into the rain to the car.

P.S. Can I also mention I'm watching Brokeback Mountain on Bravo TV as I write this? Wow...I'll understand if you just lost the small thread of respect you retained for All the Suz That's Fit to Print.

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